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To shape leaders and support solutions to address some of the major sustainability challenges facing Singapore and the entire world.


The Sustainable Earth Office (SEO) aspires to make sustainability sustainable at NTU. And sustainability in research, education, collaborative projects, commercialisation, and outreach will thrive and endure if undertaken voluntarily by coalitions of the willing, enthusiastic, and most capable within a supportive administrative and departmental environment. The moral authority for our sustainability programming and efforts comes through the creation of cooperation, consensus, and a sense of shared mission among out departments, divisions, administrative offices, students, and residents. As such, the SEO is not building a new centre, and not trying to replace or duplicate NTU’s substantial multidisciplinary and administrative capacities.

Reports and Achievements(Click to Read More)

5 year initiative

Achievements of NTU’s five year Sustainable Earth Peak initiative

Sustainability Report 2015

NTU's Sustainability Report FY 2015

Sustainability Report 2016

NTU's Sustainability Report FY 2016

Sustainability Report 2016

Sustainable Road Map

Sustainable Earth Peak E-Books (Click on image to download)

Videos on Sustainability in Singapore

This video showcases how students and staffs of Nanyang Technological University feel about sustainability in Singapore. It highlights the direction and the mission of the Sustainable Earth Centre.

This video showcases NTU Smart Campus - A living test-bed of Sustainable Technologies

Events (click on icons)

6th Annual S3

Sustainability, Creating Assets for Global Competitiveness

5th Annual S3

Incentives and Motivation for Sustainability

4th Annual S3

Civic Engagement Driving Urban Solutions

Sustainable Earth Expo 2017

View the happenings of Expo 2017!

Sustainable Society

Organising and Incentivizing a Sustainable Society

SEP Retreat 2015

Something exciting is happening on 21st Oct 2015!

Water–Energy Nexus Seminar

A seminar to address the water–energy nexus dilemma.

3rd Annual S3

Come join us in Singapore on the 27-29 April 2016.

2nd Annual S3

View the second S3 held in Singapore on 15-17 April 2015.

1st Annual S3

Learn sustainability planning and policies that are forward looking.

Sustainability Lecture Series

View the Lecture Series that was initiated by NTU's Sustainable Earth Peak.

Sustainable Earth Peak Launch, Expo & Party

Witness the historic day of the launch of Sustainable Earth Peak.

World Cities Summit 2012

View the World Cities Summit in Singapore.

Energy Efficiency

Understand the key challenges to building energy efficient structures.

SEP Retreat 2011

View the action plan that places key priorities in sustainability research and practice.


Programme highlights on NTU and Michigan State University International Conference.


Canadian Oil Sands, US National Energy Security & Striving for Substainability.


Nanyang Technological University ISCN-GULF Sustainable Campus Charter Report 2012.


Advancement and Opportunities in Oil Sands Process Water Treatment.