Vision of Sustainapore

To shape leaders and support solutions to address some of the major sustainability challenges facing Singapore and the entire world.


The Sustainable Earth Office (SEO) aspires to make sustainability sustainable at NTU. And sustainability in research, education, collaborative projects, commercialisation, and outreach will thrive and endure if undertaken voluntarily by coalitions of the willing, enthusiastic, and most capable within a supportive administrative and departmental environment. The moral authority for our sustainability programming and efforts comes through the creation of cooperation, consensus, and a sense of shared mission among out departments, divisions, administrative offices, students, and residents. As such, the SEO is not building a new centre, and not trying to replace or duplicate NTU’s substantial multidisciplinary and administrative capacities.

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Achievements of NTU’s five year Sustainable Earth Peak initiative

NTU’s SEO 5-year book

NTU's Sustainability Report FY 2015

NTU’s Sustainability Report FY 2015

NTU's Sustainability Report FY 2016

NTU’s Sustainability Report FY 2016

Sustainable Road Map

Sustainable Tropical Garden Campus in Singapore

Energy Efficient Buildings for the Future

Energy Efficient Buildings for the Future

Sustainable Metropolis

Sustainable Metropolis

Sustainable Earth Peak E-Books

eBook Year 1
eBook Year 3

Videos on Sustainability in Singapore