1st S3: To Create Dynamic and Prosperous Societies within Planetary Boundaries

1st S3: To Create Dynamic and Prosperous Societies within Planetary Boundaries

Within the context of a growing commitment in Singapore and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to sustainability planning and policies that are transdisciplinary, transboundary, fully integrated, and forward looking, NTU’s Sustainable Earth Office (SEO) is organising S3 (Singapore Sustainability Symposium) to commence a Singapore-based, international platform for sustainability thought leadership in research and innovative solutions. Within this context, the symposium will also have a Singaporean flavour, including a special interest in the challenges faced by cities and urbanisation, and with S3 serving as a supporting resource for the Singapore World Cities Summit (WCS, to be next held June 2014).

The Singapore Sustainability Symposium (S3) will be small in size (100 to 120 participants), highly interactive, and high profile. This symposium is action-oriented, and designed to make visible impacts. In order to create an interactive and intense discussion process, S3 will operate over it’s two and a half days by focusing on discussion driven by a main table and supported by delegates from the surrounding tables. Specifically, each session will have an active Chair to preside over main table short presentations from several different disciplinary perspectives on the main conference themes: (1) innovation and technology; (2) incentives and disincentives; (3) governance, regulations, and legal frameworks. These presentations at the main table are designed to start a process, and a moderated discussion and debate will follow by including all delegates and by focusing on cross-cutting and multi-disciplinary issues and opportunities.

You can download the programme here.

Event Programme

Welcome Speech

SpeakerAffilationsVideos / Files to View
Prof Alexander J.B. Zehnder
Member, Board of Trustees, Nanyang Technological University
Kerry Sieh
Nanyang Technological University

Block 1

SpeakerAffilationsVideos / Files to View
David RunnallsCentre for International Governance Innovation
Liu Thai KerCentre for Liveable CitiesClick To View
Alexander J.B. ZehnderNanyang Technological UniversityClick To View
Tan Gee PawPublic Utilities Board of SingaporeClick To View
Arunabha GhoshCouncil on Energy, Environment and Water, IndiaClick To View
Subodh MhaisalkarNanyang Technological UniversityClick To View

Block 2

SpeakerAffilationsVideos / Files to View
Donald Low How TianLKY School of Public Policy
Simon UptonOECD Environment DirectorateClick To View
Reto RinggerGlobalance BankClick To View
Richard SandorEnvironmental Financial Products
Simon ZadekGlobal Green Growth Institute
Ricardo Meléndez-OrtizInternational Centre for Trade and Sustainable DevelopmentClick To View
Euston QuahNanyang Technological UniversityClick To View

Block 3

SpeakerAffilationsVideos / Files to View
Ann FloriniSingapore Management University
Jonathon PorrittForum for the Future
Christer AsplundPlace ConsultingClick To View
Pamela MarFung Global Institute

Block 4

SpeakerAffilationsVideos / Files to View
Khoo Teng ChyeCentre for Liveable Cities
Geoffrey WestSanta Fe InstituteClick To View
Isher Judge AhluwaliaIndian Council for Research on International Economic Cooperation (ICRIER)
Thomas ElmqvistStockholm Resilience CentreClick To View

Scientific Advisory Board Members (2014)

Alexander Zehnder Chair, Sustainable Earth Office, and Member, Board of Trustees of Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Ann FloriniSMU, Professor of Public Policy; The Brookings Institution, Senior Fellow
Claude MartinChancellor of International University in Geneva (IUG)
David RunnallsInternational University in Geneva, Chancellor
Geoffrey West Sante Fe Institute, Science Board, Science Steering Committee
Khoo Teng Chye Executive Director of Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC)
Shi Nan, 石楠 Urban Planning Society of China, Secretary General
Simon Upton OECD, Director of the Environment Directorate

Organised and Sponsored by:
Nanyang Technological University
Sustainable Earth Office (SEO)
62 Nanyang Drive, Blk N1.2, #01-28, Singapore 637459
Email: joychua@ntu.edu.sg

Snapshots of the Symposium