6th S3: Sustainability, Creating Assets for Global Competitiveness

6th S3: Sustainability, Creating Assets for Global Competitiveness

By Invitation Only
* PDU Credits Pending

In partnership with Singapore’s Ministries, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), our Singapore university partners and our private sector collaborators, are organising the sixth annual Singapore Sustainability Symposium (S3) in Singapore on 8-10 May 2019. The symposium has become an international platform to support sustainability and urban solutions, and to highlight multidisciplinary and multi-stakeholder collaborations that support the development of sustainable cities.

Our format and discussion process are organised around sessions representing the three key pillars of sustainability solutions: (Session One) Technology and Innovation; (Session Two) Laws and Governance; and (Session Three) Economics and Financial Incentives. Not only do all three pillars need to be engaged for sustainability solutions to succeed, but this session structure emphasizes the connections between disciplines, stakeholders, and topics.

The theme for the 2019 symposium is Sustainability, Creating Assets for Global Competitiveness, and was chosen to showcase how economic and innovation opportunities cut across all of a nation’s productive sectors and endeavours. A strict sustainability approach will allow cities to function at maximum resource efficiency, to create know-how which produces economic advantage and is in high demand internationally, and to experience the vibrancy brought about by a thorough inclusiveness. The formidable global competitiveness comes from integrating and understanding the complexity of multidisciplinary and multi-stakeholder processes in banking and finance at many levels, management systems and consulting, new governance structures, technological development, digitalization for smart city solutions, and the capacity and know-how related to doing large scale infrastructure projects. Also key for success here are new approaches in governance, new institutional capacity, updated educational curricula at all levels, and effective civic engagement. In tackling sustainability, global cities, such as Singapore, are building a foundation of assets for their nation’s global competitiveness that will endure and remain valuable for generations to come.

S3 will begin on Wednesday evening (8 May) with an address by our Guest of Honour, followed by a round table discussion. The next two days (Thursday and Friday, 9-10 May) will follow a format with short speaker presentations (10-15 minutes each) followed by moderated discussions. Our local and international delegates represent many perspectives, from academia, government, the private sector, and civil society. The 2019 S3 will serve as early input to the Mayors’ Forum of the World Cities Summit (summer 2019).