Energy Efficient Building Workshop

Energy Efficient Building Workshop

At NTU’s Energy Efficient Building Workshop on 5th October 2011, organised to gather resources and discuss key challenges to assist with building energy efficient structures in tropical climates as part of NTU’s ongoing and extensive campus building plan, it became clear that all the talent and ideas necessary to build our own cutting-edge sustainable buildings already exists within NTU or with our local project partners. In fact, NTU aspires to be one of the world’s top engineering and science centers and a leader in areas such as clean technology and environmental sustainability, and constructing energy efficient buildings on our campus is a perfect opportunity for the university to galvanise behind a more visionary effort.

The first meeting of NTU’s Building Working Group (BWG) occurred on 6th Oct 2011 in order to discuss the best way forward for achieving NTU’s goals of energy efficient buildings on a sustainable campus. The BWG is comprised of NTU leaders coming from engineering and social science disciplines, and essentially includes the CEO of NTU’s Office of Development & Facilities Management (ODFM), Mr. Paul Chain Shau Woo. The work of NTU’s BWG is ongoing, and within the next three to four years NTU is committed to building several iconic, energy-efficient structures that will embody the talent and creativity of this world-class university.

By way of preview, and after much discussion on benchmarks and possibilities, it was decided that NTU should strive to achieve a final energy consumption in buildings of 50 kWh/m2/yr.

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