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NTU will invest nearly $700 million in new building projects to be completed over the next three to four years. By constructing iconic, cutting-edge and energy-efficient buildings on our campus, we signal our aspiration to become one of the world's top engineering and science centres and a leader in areas such as clean technology and environmental sustainability. To advance and further explore this goal, the NTU-SEO Energy Efficient Building Workshop on 5 October 2011 was organised to gather resources and discuss key challenges to assist with building energy-efficient structures in tropical climates. Over the course of this eventful one day workshop, it became apparent that NTU and its local partners had all the talent, expertise, and ideas necessary to build our own outstanding energy-efficient buildings.

Within the next three to four years, NTU is committed to building several iconic, energy-efficient structures that will embody the talent and creativity of this world-class university. By way of preview, and after much discussion on benchmarks and possibilities, it was decided that NTU should strive to achieve a final energy consumption in buildings of 50 kWh/m2/yr. To be specific, this 50 kWh/m2/yr target applies to final energy consumption, but does not apply to renewables (for which building projects will receive offsets), and does not include servers (which is a necessary exclusion, since not all buildings house these internally). In addition, this excludes specific laboratory infrastructures, like energy-consuming equipment. Finally, this target will be achieved as an average across all new buildings on campus with their different energy needs (laboratories, offices, dormitories, and the like). In short, this is a very ambitious goal.

Another idea generating some excitement around NTU is to retain an architect of international renown for one or more of these upcoming building projects. This would be a great marketing and profile-raising opportunity for the university. Not only would NTU be displaying its showcase energy-efficient buildings, but these same structures would also become iconic and architecturally significant regionally and throughout the world. In conclusion, NTU's plan to build cutting-edge and iconic energy-efficient buildings on its campus is an ambitious enterprise, one that would have far-reaching consequences. These are goals, however, that we are confident of achieving: NTU has the right executive administration, world-class engineering and management talent, the support and enthusiasm of the entire university community, and a solid strategic plan.

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