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The SEO is funding the initial phases of the School of Computer Engineering's Virtual Sustainable Campus project, to be a teaching and real-time information/data platform to allow us to both see (through extensive monitoring networks) what's happening in our campus world, and to experiment with what new sustainability ideas might look like in this environment. One important aspect of this is that it would also be a window for us to connect with the rest of the world: so that others can access our site and information, and, perhaps someday, also use it as a clearinghouse and nexus point for experimenting and sharing great ideas. 

Virtual Sustainable Campus provides realistic visualization of a 3D virtual campus that incorporates vision and highlights the progress of sustainable developments in NTU.

Virtual Sustainable Campus as a platform

Virtual Sustainable Campus is a platform to explore the provisioning of cyberspace alternatives for physical human activities so to contribute to sustainability by reducing carbon emission.  One such serious investigation is learning and education in a virtual world to offset current education limitations in NTU.

Virtual Sustainable Campus serves as a closely synchronized virtual extension of the real world so that people are abreast of activities and events in the real world while in cyberspace.