Seed Money Grant

Seed Money Grant

The Sustainable Earth Office (SEO) administered seed money grants and an annual call for proposals during the first four years (2012 to 2015) of the Sustainable Earth Peak, to provide an opportunity to the NTU research community to develop unique collaborations between different groups and disciplines for projects to develop sustainability solutions for cities.

Projects funded are typically at the initial discussion and development phase with:

  1. Aspirations to explore new fields in sustainability by pulling together different disciplines; and/or
  2. Developing collaborations with a strong interdisciplinary sustainability focus.

A total of S$ 1,723,519 was allocated to 36 projects

Project Granted Seed Money from Sustainable Earth Peak

Year 2012

No.Project TitleProject Investigator
1Secure Cyberspace Platform for Virtual Sustainable Campus with Real-time Continuum (Phase One)Ng Wee Keong (Assoc Prof)
Carbon storage in a cityDr LUM Shawn Kaihekulani Yamauchi (NSSE)
3Polymicrobial Biofilm Dynamics at the Interface of Sustainable Communities and Public HealthKimberly Ann Kline (Asst Prof)
4Driver behavioural adaptation to underground road conditions Wong Yiik Diew (Assoc Prof)
5Underground Space for a Sustainable NTU CampusZhao Zhiye (Assoc Prof)
6Bridging Research and Pedagogy in SustainabilityChang Youngho (Asst Prof)
7Environmental Logistics: The Case of Oil Rig Supply ChainThai Van Vinh (Asst Prof)
8Exploring the Environmental, Food and Energy Nexus in Singapore’s Neighbouring Hinterland John Jackson Ewing (Dr)
9International Workshop and Conference on The Economics and Policy of Water and the EnvironmentEuston Quah (Prof)
10Intelligent Laboratory Energy Sub-metering System at NTUWang Peng (Assoc Prof)

Year 2013

No.Project TitleProject Investigator
Innovative Containment Design for Flash Flood Mitigation in an Urban CentreTan Soon Keat (Assoc Prof)
Pharmaceutical and nanoparticles removal from wastewater by means of constructed wetlandsTan Soon Keat (Assoc Prof)
3Energy Modeling and Simulation of NTU Campus Buildings for Future Renovations in SingaporeWan Man Pun (Asst Prof)
4Towards a Sustainable Metropolis in Southeast Asia: Building Community-based ResilienceMely Caballero Anthony (Assoc Prof)
5The development of novel remote bioelectrochemical detectors (BED) for sustainable water infrastructureStefan Wuertz (Prof)
6Biogenic Nanomaterials for Anti-Virulence Therapy to Combat Bacterial InfectionCao Bin (Asst Prof)
7Design of an Indoor Intelligent Navigation System for Visual DisabilitiesMa Maode (Assoc Prof)
8Rapid Monitoring Fecal Indicator Bacteria Using Paper Chip Electrochemical ImmunoassayKang Yuejun (Asst Prof)
9The Economic Geography of Sustainable Urban DevelopmentZhang Jipeng (Asst Prof)
10Carbon Footprint Baseline Establishment for NTU CampusJustin Dauwels (Asst Prof)

Year 2014

No.Project TitleProject Investigator
Carbon Negative Construction ProductsCise Unluer (Dr)
Modelling, simulation, and travel time prediction of a road network disruptionWong Yiik Diew (Assoc Prof)
3Modelling multimodal travel behaviour linking non-motorised transportwith public transportWong Yiik Diew (Assoc Prof)
4The Environmental Governance and Impact of Mining Companies in MongoliaJudith Walls (Asst Prof)
5Mobile Energy Monitoring App Prototype --- MEMAPWalter Edgar Theseira (Asst Prof)
6International Conference on Hydrodynamics (ICHD 2014) – Hydrodynamics of Hazardous Events and Human Dimension Impact on an Urban CentreTan Soon Keat (Assoc Prof)
7Persuasion by design: Message design and the study of behavoural change towards sustalnabilityNatalie Pang (Asst Prof)
8Waste mechanical energy capturing towards self-power systems in car parksFan Hongjin (Asst/Prof)

Year 2015

No.Project TitleProject Investigator
Community-Based Malaria Elimination ProgramProf Peter Preiser
A novel prevention method for membrane fouling - Fluid Dynamic GaugeAsst Prof Zhou Yan
3Evaluation of products from sludge pretreatment - basis for sustainable wastewater/sludgetreatmentAsst Prof Zhou Yan
4Regulations for sustainable bus transit services in competitive marketAsst Prof Wang Zhiwei
5Sustainable Metropolis: Population, Productivity and ParityAsst Prof Chang Youngho
6Modelling cycling demand for recreational and health purposes in SingaporeAssoc Prof Wong Yiik Diew
7Socio-Interactive Media saves Energy & Water with high Life-ComfortAssoc Prof Patrick Williams
8Integrated multi-colour nano light source based on plasmonic/2D TMD nanostructuresProf Shen Zexiang